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Cadillace Master Coachbuilder About Cadillac Master Coachbuilder

Manufacturers bearing this insignia participate in the Cadillac Master Coachbuilder (CMC) program-which demands that quality, safety, performance and appearance standards be strictly observed.

Cadillac’s structure is a fusion of design and technology, one that combines power and confidence, along with technology and grace. This new breed of Cadillac Professional Vehicle is designed to stimulate your imagination. Its style and engineering overlap to create a masterful automobile—or a stretch limousine—both in form and function.

Whether it serves as a rolling conference center or a chariot to the opera, your Cadillac Professional Vehicle will arrive in style, with plenty of substance in reserve. The Northstar System’s legendary performance and durability—fused with enhanced body structure and the interior’s artistic translation in leather—ensure long-term, reliable service. Call 1.800.43FLEET anytime for information or assistance.

Cadillac Master Coachbuilders is a network of Cadillac sanctioned conversion specialists. It is their craftsmanship—and adherence to Cadillac standards of quality—that continue as the industry benchmarks:

Compliance with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

  • Continuous commitment to quality conversion processes
  • Dedication to vehicle reliability and customer safety
  • Continuous improvement in customer satisfaction through Coachbuilder warranty coverage


The V4U option package provides the basic equipment required for VIP or six-door limousine conversions used in the majority of business applications. This chassis has over 200 specially designed and engineered parts and 39 body reinforcements added to make it conversion-ready in order to support the rigorous demands of commercial vehicle service. All incomplete professional vehicle chassis also include:

  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • Heavy-duty power steering system
  • Heavy-duty power brake system
  • Heavy-duty tires and 8-lug wheels
  • P235/60R17 tires with standard vacuum boost power brakes providing a gross vehicle weight rating of 6790 lbs.
  • 140-amp generator
  • 106-inch extended main body wiring harness with special connectors to accommodate the conversion process
  • Heavy-duty jack

The V4U chassis provides the following options to allow for longer, heavier conversions as well as for additional customer amenities in the rear passenger compartment:

  • LT235/60R17 tires with standard vacuum boost power brakes providing a gross vehicle weight rating of 7258 lbs.
  • VB6 hot weather provision package
    • Higher capacity air conditioner compressor
    • Auxiliary 50-amp generator
    • Heavy-duty engine cooling fans
  • WC5 option package increases GVWR to 7485 lbs. and includes the following:
    • Heavy-duty hydraulic boost brakes
    • LT235/60R17 tires
    • 136-inch extended main body wiring harness
    • VB6 hot weather provision package

The Cadillac Professional Vehicle Protection Plan, an extended service agreement of 3 years/150,000 miles (whichever occurs first), runs concurrently with the limited 4-year/50,000-mile new car limited warranty on the limousine (V4U).

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